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I received a BS in Elementary Education from the University of South Alabama in 2001.

I received a Master's of Education in Elementary Education from the University of South Alabama in 2004.

I am "highly qualified."


I began my teaching career in 2001 teaching fifth grade Science at Meadowlake. The following year I moved to fourth grade. I spent the next few years in fourth grade. I spent one more year teaching 5th grade Science and Social Studies before moving to Dawes.

This is my 4th at Dawes. I am teaching Science to four classes, as well as Social Studies to my homeroom. I am still teaching AMSTI, and love using this hands-on, inquiry-based program with the students!


Welcome to fourth grade!

I have been teaching for seventeen years, thirteen at Meadowlake, and four at Dawes.  I love teaching and helping students reach their full potential through hands-on, minds-on learning.  

In 2012 I was voted Teacher of the Year. That same year I was one of three finalists for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST). Only three finalists were chosen for the state of Alabama out of hundreds of applicants. Every state has hundreds of teachers apply every year for this prestigious award. I plan on applying again this year to hopefully win and represent Alabama in Washington, D.C. I am also working to become a National Board Certified Teacher this year, as well!

I really encourage parental involvement, so call, email, or send in a note. I check my email every day, so that is the best way to get in touch with me!

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